We understand the unique characteristics of the tourism industry and offer a range of customisable services and products for the different stakeholders involved in the development of tourism products.
Our typical clients are national and regional tourism authorities, official and private tourism agencies, as well as private held investment companies who intend to invest in local tourism projects.
ITO combines practical knowledge of the tourism industry, an in-house market research capability and extensive international experience. This allows us to accurately interpret the marketplace thereby providing pragmatic solutions for clients worldwide.
Due to our core competencies we are able to operate in three business units for the tourism sector.

  1. Tourism Masterplan 
    Strategic planning for tourism destinations by setting up a new or improving an existing masterplan on a national, regional and local level
  2. Project Development 
    Feasibility studies, development strategies, and operational analyses of potential hotel and resort projects
  3. Tourism Services 
    A broad range of different tourism services like
    • setting up a hotel classification
    • networking for your destination
    • supporting negotiations with airline, hotel and investment companies
    • marketing and sales campaigns for your destination
    • development of a sustainable CRM business model for your country/ destination to track potential and present travellers, to stimulate them and to reward them to come back again

In all these units we support our clients in all project phases with dedicated services and projects.

  1. Analysis and Strategy 
    • Analysis of supply and demand
    • SWOT analysis
    • Feasibility studies
    • Conclusion and vision finding
    • Development of recommendations
    • Setting up a priority action plan
  2. Implementation Phase 
    • Finding and evaluation of the right service operators, investors
    • Project management
    • Project controlling
  3. Realization and Management Phase 
    • Pre-opening management
    • Project management
    • Project controlling
    • Business development
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