Our Resources

To have the right resources with the needed skills is one of the key success factors in conceptualisation and realisation of tourism projects.


In most of the cases our clients either did not have the right people or did not want to  invest in new staff.


This is where ITO makes the difference. We can staff a project or/and deliver a project from concept to implementation.

Our Team

From the development of innovative strategies and solutions right through to their successful implementation, all of our work and support is based on deep sector insight and expertise.


ITO has a permanent professional staff consisting of specialists out of the tourism industry in a number of fields, including strategic planning, marketing & sales, market research, product development, landscape architecture, human resources, finance, transport, administration & controlling, and management organisation.

Our staff has experience in the whole tourism sector such as hotel, airline, travel agencies, catering, events, trades and affairs, and tour operators. We combine management skills with the know-how of realisation of a different set of tourism projects. Our cross sector experiences e.g. in the retail and finance sector are additional values for our partners. Using them we are able to transfer and adapt best practices.

Our International Partner Network

ITO has established a global network of leading institutions and companies of the tourism industry that helps us to provide our clients unsurpassed value.


Within our international network we have developed strategic alliances with WTTC (World Travel and Tourism Council), BTW (Federal Association of the German Tourism Industry), DRV (German Travel Association) as well as several international hotel companies, tour operators, airlines and other partners out of the tourism value chain. These alliances significantly broaden the specialist services that we can bring to our clients worldwide.

              List of our International Partners around the Globe


Belgium/Netherlands: Mark Van De Velde, Franck Wolbeek, Airlines Bvba


Central America (Belize, Panama, Costa Rica, Salvador): Jose Luis Cabada, JLC & Asociados   www.sunnylandtours.com


China: Jack Lu, Contrive Innovations   www.contrive.com


Croatia: Jose Luis Cabada, JLC & Asociados  www.sunnylandtours.com


France: Pierre Duarte, Expertiz  www.expertiz.travel


French Speaking Africa/North Africa: Pierre Duarte, Expertiz www.expertiz.travel


Germany: Olaf Slater, Worldspan  www.worldspan.com


Greece/Cyprus: Theodore Koumelis, Travel Media Applications  www.tma.travel


Hungary: Tamas Deri, Tensi Aviation  www.tensi.hu


Indochina: (Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam) Pierre Duarte, Expertiz  www.expertiz.travel


India: Kannika Jain/San Jeet, Durga Das Publications  www.ddppl.in


Ireland: Frederic Servieres, Servieres Consulting LTD www.servieresconsulting.travel


Israel: Moshe Marom, Aladdin Travel


Italy: Massimo Loquenzi, Master Consulting  www.mastercons.it


Lebanon: Pierre Duarte, Expertiz  www.expertiz.travel


Maldives: Ahmed Niyaz, Dhathuru Maldives  www.dhathurumaldives.travel


Portugal: Miguel Cruz, O Consultor  www.oconsultor.com


Romania: Ruxandra Nicolescu, Travel Maker www.travelmaker.com


Russia/Ex Soviet Union Republics: Stephanie Tsomakaeva, Ost West www.ostwest.com


South Africa: Mmatsatsi Marobe, Tourism Business Council of South Africa  www.tbcsa.travel


Spain: Patrick Denis Heuchenne, Avantless Espana  www.avantless.com


Switzerland: Pierre Duarte, Expertiz  www.expertiz.travel


Turkey:  Art Karulgo, Intra-Ertugrul  www.intraturkey.com


Venezuela: Jose Luis Cabada, JLC & Asociados  www.sunnylandtours.com


UK: Frederic Servieres, Servieres Consulting LTD www.servieresconsulting.travel


In addition, we have direct links with the industry's leading architects, designers, franchisors, operators, investors and developers. So our people at every level can put you in touch quickly and easily with all the help you need.








Our International Consultant Network

In addition to our internal resources, we draw on a well-established international network of experienced tourism professionals, independent consultants, and specialised companies, all of whom are experts in their fields.


We have access to a wide range of leading specialists from the hotel, airline, and tour operator business.


We are able to integrate selected executives from every tourism industry into our projects.


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