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Hotel classification
In former times, hotel classification systems were developed to guarantee safe and reliable accommodation and food for travellers at a time when very few such trustworthy establishments existed. Following the remarkable growth of international tourism over the last fifty years, the hospitality industry has reached the status of a mature industry. As a result, the focus of classification systems has shifted from consumer protection (normally guaranteed by national regulations and legislation) to consumer information. Today, standardisation and competitive marketing of hotel services to foreign customers and tourist professionals have emerged as driving forces for establishing a local or a national hotel classification system. Clearly defined standards will support tourism service providers in positioning their products appropriately and will encourage and guide hotel investment according to a clear understanding of quality. Furthermore, an internationally comparable and acceptable classification system will enhance the overall image of a tourism destination.
Thanks to a deep sector insight and long-lasting experience in the hospitality industry ITO can assist you in the initiation of a new hotel classification system, but also in the revision and update (e.g. by integration of qualitative factors) of your existing hotel classification system. Not only that, ITO cares for subsequent implementation and continued vocational training.


We are member of several leading tourism organisations and associations and due to this we are able to promote your business and projects on a world wide basis. Based on our network we have close relationships to a lot of key players in the tourism sector and are able to include our projects in the international tourism network.


Marketing and sales campaigns
Based on your sustainable business model and on our experience we are able to develop, implement and manage world wide marketing and sales campaigns to attract new and existing customers to your destination.
Having an attractive place is the one thing for a successful tourism industry but communication and sales activities need to be established across the world to attract the most valuable customers for your country.
Through the internet the information spread increased and the access to the information become as easy as buying a bus ticket. Keeping this in mind destinations have to develop and realize marketing and sales campaigns in different countries with different approaches for the individual target group.
We have the experience to plan, built and run dedicated campaigns including lead management and integration of different sales channels.
Doing this one of the biggest challenge is to generate a high level of synergies by thinking local but acting global. This belongs to set up print and TV campaigns as well as working with inbound call centres across a continent or even on a world wide basis.


CRM services
The substantial increases in the volume of tourist information available as a consequence of rapid technological change, globalisation and the blurring boundaries of competition are the main reasons that there is a paradigm shift occurring in the tourism industry the world over. The modern customers are more educated, experienced, independent and demanding. Information technology is opening up an astonishing array of travel and vacation options for this new type of tourist. To remain competitive in today’s global economy, tourism destinations and industry players alike must adapt.
These days, there is an urgent need to strengthen customer relations for ways to extend market reach, improve quality and customer service so as to increase profitability. In general the main challenge is to track potential and present travellers, to stimulate them and reward them for coming again!
Information and knowledge have become the most important strategic factors for success in tourism. Our CRM services provide tourism destinations with the tools they need to collect, store, and retrieve all tourism-related data. Using this technology, destinations can improve analysis of consumer behaviour and preferences, and are in a better position to respond to informed, more demanding, and less predictable tourists. Destinations hence can convert this business insight into more targeted marketing and to keep up with fast-changing market trends and increasing competition.
The central approach for our understanding of CRM is the comprehensive travel chain.
Based on a dedicated strategic approach we defined the following objectives for the tourism industry:

  • …to identify potential travellers and to segment them
  • definition of the best communication tools and channels
  • …to create the best offer for what they want and need to meet their expectations
  • definition of campaigns and information delivery
  • …to make booking as easy as it could be
  • definition of the best stimulus to fix the contract
  • …to generate the best travel experience
  • definition of a maximum value for the travellers
  • …to reward them as very important traveller
  • definition of loyalty campaigns and programmes

For the tourism industry especially the local tourism industry and SME’s which cannot afford expensive marketing and CRM programmes a centralized approach by a national committee is the best way. Competition concerning the most valuable travellers will increase and hence the need for adequate destination marketing is of paramount importance.
Implementing CRM on a national and regional basis is a matter of the economic policy and will support the local economy regarding employment and national/ local contribution and monetary impact to the GDP.
In addition, CRM is fundamental in the development of a destination’s image or brand, which is important for differentiating the destination from others and key to consumer decisions on choosing their tourist destination. By establishing a CRM tool you also support the building of a brand for the region and are able to generate additional values for both travellers and the local tourism industry. Last but not least these comprehensive efforts will create synergies at the operational side.
As CRM is a lot more than technology and keeping in mind that IT follows function we support the tourism industry with dedicated consulting services.
Thanks to our holistic approach we are able to generate long-term success and sustainable economies of scales.

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