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Tourism Masterplan

Strategic planning is an essential component of the tourism development cycle. A tourism masterplan or any other tourism development concept is a strategic approach for a successful and sustainable tourism development of a defined area that shall stimulate positive impacts such as employment, local income, investments, infrastructure and general welfare. Based on our experience, we identify opportunities for development and marketing, which form the foundation of the tourism development strategy or tourism masterplan.

ITO offers strategic planning assistance in the following areas:

  • Tourism potential analyses
  • Competitive surveys
  • Marketing and distribution
  • Tourism organisation
  • Strategy development in the fields of tourism product development, marketing and distribution, human resources, institutional framework, and investment.
  • Policy development

ITO provides specialist services in tourism and hospitality market research. We assist destination areas with studies of market segments, market trends and characteristics, product development and marketing priorities, and strategies for partnerships and revenue generation. Our surveys are consumer as well as business-to-business oriented.

  • Travel trade surveys
  • Visitor surveys
  • Focus group discussion
  • Desk research (EDP and non-EDP)

Marketing strategies for the tourism sector must be based on sound market research. Our extensive knowledge of the tourism industry, together with our market-driven approach to projects, provides us with a strong foundation in this area. ITO develops marketing strategies, guidelines and plans for tourism destinations on a regional, national and international level. Based on qualitative/quantitative tourism research and in combination with a highly creative and innovative input, we create competitive strategies and measures for future marketing activities for our clients.

Tourism has a variety of economic impacts. Tourists contribute to sales, profits, jobs, tax, revenues, and income in an area. The most direct effects occur within the primary tourism sectors lodging, restaurants, transportation, amusements, and retail trade. Through secondary effects, tourism affects most sectors of the economy.

Measurements of economic impacts are essential to planning, management and development decisions. By documenting the travel industry's economic contributions and tracking associated tourism spending trends, economic impact studies assist decision makers when allocating funds.
Based on an in depth analysis we generate a SWOT analysis for your country/ region/ destination. All important aspects will be considered and combined to our recommendation scenario which is underpinned with our experience and know-how of comparable projects.

And even in implementing the tourism masterplan you find ITO a competent partner for your tourism industry.