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Tourism Masterplan
Strategic planning for successful destination development
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Sophisticated concepts for innovative tourism products
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Cutting-edge solutions to give your destination a competitive advantage
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welcome to ito - international tourism organisation

International Tourism Organisation AG (ITO) is a company of experts which provide advice in the fields of tourism strategy and master planning, development and investment strategy, marketing programs for the tourism and leisure industries worldwide and consultation on the latest technologies supporting distribution. Our approach is focused around and driven towards an efficient and successful implementation of your ideas, your master plan, your marketing program, your investment or your distribution.


ITO provides cutting-edge advisory services to governments, tourism authorities and the tourism industry to maximise the short-term economic benefits of businesses and destinations without compromising long-term environmental, cultural or social integrity. We assist destinations to find valuable, practical solutions to sustainable tourism challenges, and to position them for international and long-term success.


Through strategic partnerships with global, regional and national travel and tourism institutions and companies, we offer realization-oriented solutions for the successful implementation of tourism development projects. We put ideas into practice, instead of merely creating concepts and analyses which will be put in an office drawer and forgotten.


ITO offers a broad range of services including strategic planning for tourist destinations (based on participative and sustainable development concepts), the preparation of bankable feasibility studies and operational analyses of potential hotel and resort projects as well as market research and analysis and dedicated tourism services like marketing and CRM services.


Our activities range from basic research to full project implementation enabling us to guide our clients through every phase of a project. But our service portfolio also includes the support during the implementation and management phase of masterplans and local projects.